Tuesday, August 4, 2009

updated, listening recommendations

There's about a zillion things going on with Behind the Sun these days:
1. we are gonna be playing at the 3rd ear record store in Ra'anana on August 15th.
2. we are gonna be playing a joint show with the band Edgend (they just signed a recording contract with Nightmare records) on August 18th.
3. on August 17th we are gonna be on live TV on channel 24. granted at 11AM\
4. On September 10th we are playing a joint show with Solstice Coil. I hope to get up on stage with them and play at least one song, and I think their keyboard player (and our producer) Shai will play some songs with us.
5. On September 17th we are playing are first ever show in the distant snowy North at a place called the Karpion somewhere in the area of Metulla (Kibbutz Dan maybe?) yes I am a bit hazy on the details...

anyway this week is JERRY WEEK
Jerry Garcia
b: Aug 1, 1942
d: Aug 9, 1995

celebrate by listening to some GRATEFUL DEAD. I'll just say there were months and months when I only listened to the Dead exclusive to all other forms of life or music. My first tape was 2-11-1970 fillmore east with guests Duane Allman, Greg Allman and Peter Green (i think thats right) and the first album I ever got was of course Skeleton's in the Closet (oh the shame) and then Aoxomoxoa. I wish there was more GD in BTS but at least there's something which has rubbed off on us --- most noticably in Strong Wind

I've got both GD box sets and i'm listening to them this week as I zip up and down the coastal highway to work and back and in general doing by wife's bidding.