Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iron Maiden: don't neglect the last 20 years.

One of my all time favorite bands.
This post is directed at my good friend on stage left, Yoram Allouche (the other BTS guitarist) who also has an Iron Maiden tribute band called Prowlers. Sadly, they only play songs from the first seven albums. I think this is an injustice to the OTHER 7 albums and the last 20 years of Maiden's history and recorded output. Sure almost nobody is gonna claim "Virtual XI" as their favorite album but there's still a lot of good material in the last 7 albums and to show it I've prepared the following mix-tape (mix-CDR?) made up of fantastic Maiden songs from the last half of their studio albums.

  1. No Prayer for the Dying (from 1990's album of the same name)
  2. Be Quick of Be Dead
  3. Fear of the Dark (both from 1992's Fear of the Dark)
  4. The Sign of the Cross (from 1995's X Factor)
  5. The Clansman (from the admittedly below-par Virtual XI)
  6. The Wicker Man
  7. Brave New World (both from 2000's Brave New World)
  8. Montsegur
  9. Dance of Death
  10. Pachendale (these 3 from the 2003 album Dance of Death which rivals Virtual XI in terms of bad cover art)
  11. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (my favorite song from 2006's A Matter of Life and Death)
Do yourself a favor and drag out those old new albums again.