Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Grateful Dead at Woodstock

Arguably the worst Grateful Dead show ever --- (they were also scheduled to play Altamont) plagued by rain, wind and equipment problems, the Dead played a lackluster set interrupted in the middle by a rainstorm.

The set list contains a number of songs which also appear on "Live/Dead" (released later that year in Nov 1969 and recorded earlier that year mostly in Feb and Mar 1969. St Stephen, Lovelight and Dark Star are all massive side long cuts of Live/Dead. "High Time" was being rolled out and would show up on Feb 1970's album "Workingman's Dead". "Mama Tried", the merle haggard cover, would first be released on "Grateful Dead" a 1971 live double album.

dig the funny stand up / sit down argument after mama tried

"It's nice to know you can blow the most important gig of your whole career, and it really doesn't matter."

- Jerry Garcia

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